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I encourage you to set goals. Everyone needs something to work toward in life.

I am currently working toward world domination. Not in the anti-christ kind of way. Nor in the realm of politics and finance. Instead, I have developed a three-headed monster of feats that each entail specific and unique challenges. To conquer one of these tasks would deserve mad props. Two of them will require divine favor. Pulling the trifecta? Nearly impossible. But nobody said world domination would be easy.

3. Attend the 2010 World Cup - I know we've talked about this before, let's take a moment to rehash this one. Kyle, Coleman and myself are working ahead of the curve to figure out how to get to South Africa, and where to stay once we get there. Between the three of us, we have a surprisingly high number of connections in the country. It is very possible that this first World Cup held in Africa will also be the only World Cup held in Africa, so it would be huge to get there. Plus, due to the relative inaccessibility of South Africa to most European countries, it should be easy to score tickets. Even if we don't win the FIFA ticket draw, I'm convinced we can get tickets for face value inside the country (unlike Germany 2006). Tickets go on sale in February, so crunch time approacheth.

2. Earn a Cooking Invite to the American Royal - I have an unofficial 4-year timeline on this one. It would entail winning at least one BBQ contest, and perhaps more. While I've progressed well in brisket and pork this year, I need more work on the consistency of ribs. I'm not highly confident in my chicken, but my father in-law is a chicken wizard, so I'm not sweating it. After attending the Royal as a spectator and judge the past two years, two things have become clear to me. First, it will be hard to get there. Secondly, we will be heavy underdogs when we do earn that invite. We are going to be the bbq equivalent of the Royals. We just won't have the resources that other teams have. You should see some of the rigs at these competitions. Some cats have over $250,000 poured into their cooking rigs. We're going to show up with three Weber Smoky Mountain cookers. Estimated Retail Value? $750. Gonna need some focus and luck to pull this off.

3. Compete on The Amazing Race - I just came up with this one a couple of weeks ago when Stacy and I started watching the Amazing Race for the first time ever. This will be super hard. But hey, we are talking about world domination here. Here's how I see it. Coleman and I would make a great team. We are very dorky. We work well together. We are uber competitive. We are multicultural. Perfect for network television. I always thought it would be fun to be on Survivor, and see how far I could get without lying. But I've since realized that (a) I'd probably lie and (b) if I'm going to be on a reality tv show, it needs to be one where they let you eat. I loose weight way to fast, and around day 17 I would be at risk of being carried off by some large bird. So we'll stick to something a little more amazing.

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  1. Jennifer 1:20 PM
    hahaha. i laughed out loud about the losing weight too fast comment! i'd vote for you & coleman on amazing race...wait, they don't vote on that show do they? well, i'd watch you guys... :)
  2. Michelle & Luke 5:29 PM
    Oh my gosh Christian- I am totally loving your blog. You are added to my blog roll & I've only read one post. and as for the chiefs? Come on= i'm not even a football fan & even I know better! GO BRONCOS!

    PS- i'm hopping into my car & i'm coming cross country for some BBQ. Who knew you are a man of such talents!?
  3. alicia 10:21 AM
    I don't know if you noticed this but your list went from number 3 to number 2 back to number 3. Come on Christian, I expect more.

    And welcome to the Amazing Race family, I used to watch it in CO, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

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