Pumas with The Phat Laces

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My dad always told me to untie my shoes before I put them on. Don't step on the heels. You'll ruin your shoes.

Whatever. Sounded like false prophecy to me.

Well kids, listen to your dad. Unless he tells you to put IcyHot on your thighs prior to putting on your spandex as you get ready for basketball practice. Which, for the record my dad never told me. But I wish he would have told me the opposite.

After 23 years of walking on the back of my shoes, a pair finally busted. Some New Balance trail shoes that I was particularly fond of. Maaaaaaaan. It was so uncomfy, too. I found out from some fellow NB owners that it is a typical issue with the brand. There is a hard plastic dealy in the heel that often busts out after a while. In my case, it took a couple of years.

So I did what any good American does in depressed economic times...proved my patriotism by going shopping. Actually, I wasn't that good of a patriot because I was only looking at kicks on sale. Sorry, Uncle Sam.

It's tough buying shoes these days. I have given up on white kicks. They don't have a good shelf life when it comes to looking clean. That leaves me with black or grey. Usually trail shoes. But not this time. I found a sporty pair of Puma running shoes. All black with the silver accents. Clean, son.

You know what the best feature is? Soft nylon heel with a lot of give and breakaway. Perfect for slipping in and out of without the hassle of untying the laces.

Sometimes you just can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. adam paul 12:35 PM
    just stick to those stylin black slip-ons you've been rockin for the last 3+ years and you dont have to worry about untying OR stepping on them.

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