Elmo's a Communist

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I don't know about you but I'm not letting my child watch Sesame Street anymore. Too much left-wing propaganda. I'm starting an online petition to rename the show "Communist Cul-de-sac".

My case is as follows:

  • Exhibit A - SS appears on PBS. You know how they get their money? Donations. Give me capitalism or give me death.
  • Exhibit B - Yesterday, Tina Fey appeared in a prominent role alongside Elmo. She makes fun of Sara Palin on SNL. I'm pretty sure she is sexist. And Communist. Her glasses do have rims, after all.
  • Exhibit C - That Tina Fey skit? It was all about going to the library. Newsflash! At the Library they have a bunch of books that are free for everyone to use. You don't have to buy them or anything. Shared property = bad news.
  • Exhibit D - Brian Williams made an appearance in said episode. He works for NBC. NBC employs Keith Olbermann and numerous other lefty blowhards. I personally consider the network to be Stalin's mouthpiece.
There you have it. Please join in my fight to keep the liberals from polluting the minds of our children. Thank you.

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  1. chris 3:46 PM
    I really thing the most damning evidence about SS being communist is that their most popular character, Elmo, is in fact, RED!
  2. Abby 11:46 AM
    Okay so apparently I need to think deeper while watching Seasame Street, all I could think about while watching that clip was if it was ever going to end!

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