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Debates and commercials sap my energy. So today I'm going to decide who to vote for in this Presidential race we are in the midst of. There's nothing like working ahead and casting my vote a good two months ahead of time.

Instead of doing due diligence and researching the candidates views, I'm just going to look at what they have subscribed to in their Google Readers. Now, I love me some Google Reader. It's changed the way I use the internet, and it works really well on my phone. And our Presidential candidates use it as well. Google has set up pages where you can see that the candidates are "reading" and what they are subscribed to (McCain here. Obama here). Cool. So, I've broken down some of the things that caught my eye...

  • Wired's Danger Room - Wired is a great magazine and shows that McCain is on the cutting edge of military developments.
  • Jibjab - Shows he has a good sense of humor.
  • One Campaign - Cares about justice issues. Nice.
  • BBQ Bible - Wow. That is perhaps the most impressive entry on the list.
  • The Economist - Ahhhhh. The most superior of all the news magazines.
  • The Daily Show - Man. That Jon Stewart sure is funny. Plus, gives Obama an opportunity to check up on McCain, who happens to hold the record for most appearances on the show. But don't worry. Appearing on popular comedy shows and announcing your candidacy on a different late night show doesn't mean you are a celbrity, or anything.
  • Daily Kos - Not exactly an impartial source. Probably balanced out by McCain's subscription to Fox News.
  • The Chicago White Sox -Whhhhaaaaaaaaattttt! Now that is what I call offensive. Practically Communist.

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