Weekend Feasting

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One of the dysfunctions of our schedule is that we don't get to eat dinner as a family all that often. Too many evenings with the boys. Too many nights at the hospital. Which means the three of us don't eat together, or (like tonight) we have some delicious Wendy's. It's a far cry from what we were cooking up in la cocina this past weekend.

Saturday Breakfast: Eggs, toast and turkey breakfast sausage. The sausage is one of our favorites, and comes from an old Polish company that has been making sausage in our neighborhood for 60 years. It has apple and cinnamon in it, and it is amazing. I cooked it up on the grill, and we all know that breakfast is better when it's grilled.

Saturday Dinner: A little spinach pasta action. We got the pasta at the farmer's market, and it was good. Stacy threw some fresh spinach in there as well as oil and capers. It was nice.

Sunday Dinner: Bison Burgers. Oh man. Again from the farmer's market. Bison is goooood. Tough to cook because it is so lean, but we fixed that. I made a little bed of bacon on the grill and then put the burgers on top of it to soften the blow of the heat. The next thing you know, we have bacon bison burgers on whole wheat buns with tomatoes from our garden. I'll tell ya what. It was one of the best burgers I have had in a while. I'm very happy we have another 1/2 pound of bison burger in the freezer.

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