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Films such as King of Kong and Unbreakable bring to light the notion of the arch-nemesis. There are some people in life who have a person who is either ideologically or in practice end up thwarting whatever it is the person in question is trying to do. Superman had Lex. Batman had The Joker. Papa Smurf had Gargamel. The list is endless.

This reality brought to light a very important question for me: Who is my arch-nemesis?

It's a difficult question to answer. Seeing as though I'm practically a Jedi, one might start looking in the Sith department for a suitable name. But since most of the good ones are already taken I think we should just move a long. Nothing to see here. Move along.

A friend postulated that Bill O'Reilly might be a good candidate. On the surface it seems reasonable enough. However, I think he already has formidable foes. Since I'm more toward the political middle, Al Franken and Keith Olberman would be better choices.

I love meat. That would mean that PETA could be a good adversary. However, I am against dog fighting and horse racing, so that wouldn't work either. Call me crazy, but whenever there is a chance that a competitor has to be put down immediately following a competition, I'm out. I was worried I was going to have to give up basketball when Paul Pierce went down a couple of games ago. But since the trainer let him live, I'm still good with the NBA. Not so much with boxing or MMA, however.

See? It's not as easy an exercise as it appears. So what do you think? Who would be a worthy arch-nemesis for me?

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