Pooper Tuesday

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I'm not sure what happened, but this post ended up in my pile of "drafts" and went unpublished for the past 10 days. Sorry....

I'm typically very proud of Kansas. In comparison to Missouri, we kick some serious butt. Roads, schools, state leadership, BCS bowl bids. You name it, we win.

Except when it comes to Super Tuesday.

Missouri is holding primaries today. Many of my friends voted on the way into work.

Kansas, on the other hand, is holding Democratic caucases tonight. We can have an effect on Super Tuesday, and I won't be there. I get off work at 8, and you need to be at your site by 7.

That stings. Part of me is in love with the romantic notion of caucasing, and I'm bummed to not be able to participate. However, it's not exactly turning up roses.

We could have had a primary, but the state legislature didn't want to put out the extra $1 million to make it happen.

Caucases in KS made sense when we used to hold them after the nominees had been effectively chosen. But now that we moved our date up, what in darnation are we doing? If I still lived in Sterling, I'd have to drive 40 MINUTES to get to my site. Talk about inaccessible.

Oh, and did I mention it might be snowing and/or freezing raining tonight around 7?

For today, and today only, I am jealous of Missouri.

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