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Happy Valentines Day.

I was on the phone with one of my friends last night, and he reminded me of a unique experience the two of us had a couple of years ago. The trauma of the day has since caused the memory to be blocked out of my mind, until now.

Said friend had invited me to help him out with a two-session sex talk that he had been invited to give to the middle school boys at a local private Christian school. It seemed like a doable task for a couple of seasoned youth workers. In and out without any issues.

We couldn't have been more wrong.

While the class started out well, there came a point where we quickly lost control of the situation. Without any obvious trigger or cue from us, the boys went nuts. They started beating on the tables, howling like monkeys, and chanting "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry".

My friend and I were frozen by the display playing out in front of us. Obviously, these boys needed a good sex talk, seeing as though they had obviously seen a number of episodes of the "Jerry Springer" show. Some kids deal with the awkward energy of the sex talk by shutting down while others get a nervous energy. But this? Holy cow. I had never seen anything like that before, nor since.

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  1. Dori 6:01 PM
    Oh, C...I am going to make sure a young junior high pastor that I know VERY well reads this. At this very moment a sex SEMINAR, much less a TALK is being planned...and this will be just the encouragement she needs!

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