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Stacy and I have tried to be very careful about what we say around Elli. The girl is a parrot. She repeats just about anything we say. Even though we are by no means a potty mouth family, we have tried to G rate the words we use when we are all together. Even words such as "butt" seem like utterances we would rather keep from Elli's lips until she understand when it is appropriate to use slang and when proper terms should be used.

So we were shocked last week when she started dropping the F bomb at seemingly random moments. We sure didn't teach it to her, and we were sure that her babysitter didn't either. We also knew that she can pronounce "truck" perfectly, so that was not an option either.

It was one of those situations where you had to work really hard not to over react. It was hard not to laugh, because it was pretty funny. At the same time, there was an urge to freak out and make her stop lest anyone else hear her vulgar utterances.

On Saturday night, we finally figured out that when she drops the bomb she is really trying to say "walk". That certainly came in handy on Sunday morning when she decided she wanted to walk at church. After a single request, Stacy was able to put her down before she got worked up and started screaming the F word in the church lobby.

On a side note, she looks pretty thuggish in a Darth Vader helmet.

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