Good Reads, Bad Google

By Christian
Google is not infallible. Who knew? My first frustration occurred the other day when my friend Coleman sent me a gmail instant message. I had wanted to message him, but there was a message under his profile in red letters informing me that he was unavailable. There was even a little "do not enter" sign next to his name. Come to find out, no matter what he tried he could not get the red letters to go away, thus leaving him shunned by the entire gmail community.

Unlike other things we adore in our lives, we decided that not only would we cease to trust the red lettered passages that google sends out, but we would also stop referring to google as g-sus.

My other frustration is with the previously praised google reader. I'm bummed that it doesn't work as well as digg, but I might have found a back door method to cumbersomely merging the two services. Until I get off my lazy booty to do so, however, I present you three links.

  • This article from yesterday about MLK's legacy is great and pretty concise.
  • Selena Roberts hits the nail on the head with this commentary piece about religious institutions who have delusions of Division I football glory. Funny, insightful and convicting.
  • Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary last week. Not that he needs me to congratulate him. He won a Pulitzer, for crying out loud. If you have not headed my recommendation of him in the past though, perhaps you will listen to voices that have broader scope and more power than mine.
Happy reading.

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