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The blog got a much-needed makeover this week. Just a little visual sprucing, along with a nice practical feature. I've always struggled with what I should do with interesting and funny content that I come across on the internet. If someone has already blogged it, I don't particularly like recycling it on my own blog. But at the same time, there is some stuff out there that needs to be shared.

Enter Google's Shared Items feature.

I have become a huge fan of feeds for my favorite blogs. Google has a nice reader application that allows me to subscribe to blogs and have the posts neatly organized in a gmail interface for me as entries are posted. It is especially convenient for keeping with those people who are not regular in their blogging habits. Instead of being frustrated every time I check their blog to find that it has been neglected for a period of time, I am delighted when their newest entry pops up in my reader.

One of the features of the reader that is particularly helpful is the ability to "share" my favorite entries. Then, I can hook the feed straight into a widget on my own blog (look to the right) and share various entries with others. Who knows. You might click on something over there that you like and get hooked on a new blog.

Now if you are like me and you use a reader, you can rock this link and get the feed updated to your reader. Tight.

This is reason #24 that I have a crush on google, and yet another cause for my eternal damnation if google is indeed the mark of the beast.

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    and you know what?
    sterling college stinks.

    thats right. i said it.

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