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There is a time in every young boy's life when he daydreams about what it might be like to be a superhero. Having some ability that would afford you the opportunity to leap into action and do good for others while thwarting the schemes of evil doers. Throwing on the tights and cape and really doing something good for society.

I had my shot at superherodom the other day, sans the multi-colored tights/underwear combo. I was sitting in my office, and I heard something outside of my window. A manifestation of a super ability, one might say. I hopped up to take a peek, and what do I see? A man I do not recognizing stooping behind my friend's jeep to remove the licence plate.

There has been an outbreak of this sort of activity in our parking lot recently. It's an easy snatch, and you can turn some quick coin on hot plates, so they are very tempting. Just another day, livin' in the 'hood.

Recognizing this as an opportunity to save all of humanity, I lept into action. I paged one of my co-workers and the next thing you know there are people running and screaming all over the building. Two people ran outside to confront the guy, while I ran to another phone to call the police. Eventually, one of the people who ran outside was able to track the gentleman down and retrieve the plates with little drama.

When everything was said and done, it took a moment to catch my breath. The adreniline rush was incredible, but then it all faded into a mist of gloom. As good as one might anticipate such a deed might make one feel, the opposite was the result.

I found myself glum at the fact that life had run me smack dab into the path of a broken and desperate person stuck in systems and cycles of dysfunction, but there was little to be done about it. Sure, we saved my friend some money and a trip to the DMV, but other than that what else was accomplished? Nothing much, except for a reminder that things are never as simple as they seem.

So, I'm returning my tights. I don't want to be a superhero anymore. I don't want to zoom from scene to scene putting out fires and wrestling Lex Luther into submission. I'd far rather be in a place where I can process society's ailments when they smack me in the face, and figure out what I'm called to do in light and in spite of them.

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