Music Reflection: David Crowder* Band's Remedy

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There are exactly 5 bands/artists who I make a point of supporting on release day. They have a corpus of work that has earned my trust, and I anticipate their latest creations eagerly. U2. Dixie Chicks. GRITS. Outkast used to be on the list, but I miss their older southernplayalistic stylings. Lauryn Hill would be on the list if she came out of retirement. As it stands, Alicia Keys now takes a place on the list. When an absolutely wonderful R&B singer who also happens to be a classically trained pianist drops an album the same day that lip-syncing Britney Spears does the same thing, who do you think I'm going to pay $15 to in order to make a point? Good guess.

The final entry on my list is David Crowder* Band. They blew up the spot with their last album when they broke out the banjos and blasted us with the bluegrass electric fusion funk. It was risky, yet amazing.

This latest album isn't quite as risky. That's fine. I love it. It's been a long time since I purchased an album and proceeded to wear it out by listening to it over and over and over again, but that's exactly what happened in this case. I'm pretty sure I listened to it all the way through at least 6 times the first week I owned it. I'd be cruising down the road blasting crowder, and Elli would be sitting in her car seat clapping and grinning. The kid has good taste, what can I say?

What continues to amaze me about Crowder is how he manages to do what few other worship bands are able to do, in my opinion: release studio albums that don't sound canned and contrived. I guess Charlie Hall manages to do it as well, but they are in short company. Lyrics that are well thought out and deep. Shout outs to great hymns, with wonderful new choruses added in between the traditional verses. Slamming beats. Contemplative quiet.

The one thing I kept thinking over and over as I listened to the album was that I can't wait to hear it performed. I imagine the concert experience to be tons of fun and at the same time very moving. I can't wait to rock it.

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