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It all begins Thursday. The official kickoff to the National Football League season. Which is really just a side note to the fact that my Fantasy Football season starts in concert with the opening game. I don't claim to be the most amazing FF manager in the world, but I do have to say that I get a lot of joy from playing. Watching the points build up, rooting for players, praying for (insert player name here) to score just one more touchdown. It's magical.

Friday night as I was watching ESPN, one of the funniest commercials ever came on. It was for a company called Sports Prophet, but c'mon. The commercial was totally about Jesus coaching fantasy football. I guess they didn't want to loose the non-Christian market of FF managers. Or maybe they didn't want to loose the Christian market. Both groups get a little finicky whenever Jesus is mentioned. All I know is, whoever wrote that thing need to be hired by The Simpsons, because their knack for whit satire is off-the-charts.

So I look for the clip on YouTube so that I could post it here, and what do I find? The commercial was merely a taste. It was simply an excerpt of a 4-minute sketch put together by this company. Holla!!!!

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