Fear and Trepidation

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Tomorrow marks a big milestone in my parenting career. My first flight alone with Elli. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a little anxiety about the whole adventure. Stacy has to work all weekend, so it will be just me and the baby at 30,000 feet from Kansas City to Orlando. I should probably be braver about the trip, seeing as though my dad flew by himself with both my sister and myself to New Jersey when we were very young.

I do have a couple of things going in my favor:
*Non-stop flight
*We're flying Southwest, so I get to cut everyone in line and get fantastic seats
*We're meeting my family in Orlando, so once we get there I will have backup
*Elli and I get along very very well
*Elli is not a fat baby so my arms won't get too tired
*Elli is cute and people love to coo at her
*There will probably be a lot of kids on a flight to Orlando, so there is a good chance that Elli won't be the worst-behaved one

Things going against me:
*Our flight takes off approx the time Elli usually wakes up in the morning
*You can't take liquids through security, which means I'll have to spring for some uber-expensive airport milk
*Elli is squirmy and has started getting that quaint little 2-year-old attitude thingy lately
*You pretty much need to pack a u-haul when traveling with small children

If you have any words of wisdom, hit me up. And pray.

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  1. Dori 9:37 PM
    Elli is cute. You are cute. She is squirmy. You are gangly. Even if she is a bit difficult you two will be such a winsome pair that the whole plane will forgive you and you two will have them all eating out of your hand and dancing in the aisle before you know it. Have a blast!
    P.S. I did say a prayer and will say some more.

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