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I'm a little bummed these days. For the past few months I have been a huge cheerleader for Roman Catholic/Protestant relations. Having worked in churches for the past few years, it always bothered me how worked up Protestants get over things that they view as being "too Catholic". Honestly. Roman Catholics love Jesus. That's a pretty big deal in my book. And while I might not agree with all of the tenants of Roman Catholic tradition (hence the fact that I haven't actually joined the Roman Catholic Church), I tend to think it to be way more ally than foe. In fact, there are some aspects of Catholic theology and practice that Protestants would do well to adopt.

Thus, my peppy ecumenical bubble was certainly burst last week on the heels of the Pope's comments. Perhaps the comments weren't all that surprising, but they certainly don't help my lobbying efforts in Protestant circles. I think we probably should have seen this stand coming, however. This Pope has been very vocal in his disappointment that the Roman Catholic church is losing converts to Protestant denominations. His remarks in Brazil recently said as much. And so there seems to be a sort of "rally the troops" mentality emerging where he is seeking to define what Roman Catholicism is about and strengthen the base.

This is certainly happening in other areas as well. As I read through the Pope's book on Jesus, there is a back-to-basics paradigm working where he is leading us to rediscover the wonder of the life and works of Jesus. It's a helpful read for Catholics and Protestants in this current theological climate where Jesus is being doubted and overly redacted.

I guess my prayer for Protestants right now is that we chill. Don't trip. Do...Not...Trip. Don't make any rash anti-Catholic rants. Don't go out and buy a Glasgow Rangers jersey just to spite your Roman Catholic friends. Understand that the conversation happening right now in the Roman Catholic church is not one that will be helped by us wigging out and lobbing insults at Rome. The goal of ecumenicism is a difficult goal to reach, and it is attained through patience and listening.

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  1. adam paul 1:19 AM
    i would like you to know that you just addressed the issue i alluded to in my latest post. hope you dont mind if i link to yours.

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