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My friend Coleman moved back into Casa De Dashiell last week. We always love having Coleman around because he's about the most chill boarder a person could ask for. Plus, he loves to watch soccer, play Risk and sit on the couch with me and crack jokes. Stacy loves it when he's here, no matter how many times she might roll her eyes at us.

The eye rolling started when Coleman and I lived together for a short spell before Stacy and I got married. It was during this time that the two of us boys would manually wash dished together in the evenings. We got a little bored every once in a while, so we coined a nice little song and dance. The words were simple..."Get down with teh G Dogg". The dance was no more complicated. Utterly rediculous, but oh so memorable. The song emerges on occasion to this day and elicits a nice eye roll.

This time around, Coleman has a friend with him. It's his new Nintendo Wii. Just when you thought time with Coleman couldn't get any better he introduces you to a new techno doogie. The Wii has recieved great reviews and is so popular that it is still hard to come by some 6 months after Christmas, but I never fully anticipated how fun it could be. It's so fun, that Stacy even complimented it. Videogames are something she allows me to have because she loves me, though she herself doesn't care for them one bit. At least she didn't.

After we played a little Wii softball the other day, a game that saw her dance around the room after she jacked a home run off of me, she even noted that she wouldn't mind buying one if we had kids that were a little older. Whaaa?!>?!>#? This is a huge shift in public policy for her. And yet, the Wii is just that persuasive in all of its controller swinging magic.

The best game so far? Tiger Woods golf. Very frustrating, but oh so addicting.

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