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Yesterday I had the opportunity to swing through Wichita for a little bit. Since my move from Sterling, I haven't done a good job of getting back to Central Kansas on a regular basis. It's too bad, because I know a lot of good people in that region who I need to do a far better job of showing love to. Thus, whenever I get to those parts, the schedule gets mad hectic. Like yesterday, I left the house at 4:45am. I spoke at Kansas HOBY, being held at Wichita State, at 8:15. Headed straight from there to hear one of my former profs from Sterling preach at 9:30. Busted over to Newton for a 70th wedding anniversary luncheon that was being held for Stacy's grandparents. It was all good. A couple of thoughts on the jaunt...

**I had a little Jonah vibe on the drive out. I drove straight into one of the hardest storms I've ever had opportunity to drive through. With all of the standing water on I70 I had to slow down a little bit. The good news is that when you are driving at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday morning you can drive down the middle of the interstate without regard for lane lines, because nobody else is out there with you. I was just praying I was doing what God wanted me to do, and that I didn't get swallowed by some big old cow on my trip.

**I really try to do a good job of defending Central Kansas. Sometimes it's impossible. I picked up the latest edition of The Sunflower, which is the campus paper at Wichita State. The headline article on A1 happened to be about a guy who believes there is a government conspiracy to either (a) manipulate weather patterns or (b) hide covert operations high in the airspace above Wichita because of how regularly he sees military aircraft flying overhead which then create vapor clouds. I swear. I hope it was a prank that an outgoing senior journalism major was able to pull, because if that story was legit then that department has some serious issues.

**70 years is a long time to be married. I hope to live 70 years. Mad props to Stacy's grandparents for giving us something to strive for.

**Ok. This has nothing to do with my Central Kansas trip. However, you should know that Bono started the week just like he ended it. Rabble Rousing. Holla. If I run for President, he's going to be invited to be on my cabinet.

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