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They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. I got 30. Pretty lucky guy, I guess. Well, today we start one last minute of fame.

Apparently, Wheel of Fortune is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year. They are doing some vignettes on people whose lives have been effected by Wheel, and they chose to do one on our adoption of Elli. So they asked our local NBC affiliate to grab some footage for them, and the affiliate decided to run with the story as well and put it on local news. Pretty funny, since I'm always ripping the local news.

Which brings up a little bit of a dilemma for the Dashiell family. Stacy is not a spotlight person. Another appearance on national television isn't all that appealing to her on any level, especially not with the local television chaser. I, on the other hand, always felt this day would come. I am also a lot more comfortable in front of the camera and lights than Stacy is. I guess part of this whole process has been about Elli's story, but I feel as though the way God authored the story is so powerful it might cause other people to explore the idea of adopting an orphan. It's even been that way for us. When we first got married we talked about adopting one child some day. Now we talk about what it would look like to adopt numerous children.

I'm so enthusiastic about telling the story that I interupted a conversation I overheard at a resturaunt a couple of weeks ago in order to refer this lady to our adoption agency.

The tough part is that it's hard to make television appearances about God. We don't have control of the editing of the piece. We don't have control over how they will narrate it. The powers that be may very well cut any and all mentions of God when the final. In the end we can pray that God will be glorified and that kids will be liberated. That the right families will be watching television on the right nights, and that God will continue to show the magnificent providence that has already been demonstrated as the story has unfolded.

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