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And it's true we are immune
When fact is fiction and TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die
Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Sunday, Bloody Sunday
The real battle just begun
To claim the victory Jesus won
On...Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Sunday, Bloody Sunday...
-Bloody Sunday by U2

30 years. That's how long it took. And yet, just this week we saw historic political unity in Northern Ireland as a Catholic-Protestant government was established in a region where tensions between the two groups often resulted in violence. The hatred within country is something most of us as Americans cannot even relate to, but suffice to say the people of Northern Ireleand understood what it meant to live with the fear of constant terrorism in a way that we have yet to experience.

The conflict was such a part of the cultural backdrop that it framed U2's War album. Bloody Sunday and 40 were cries for peace. Pleas for Christians to start acting like Christians, and for God to intervene. Bono threw his weight behind this thing and worked and prayed tirelessly for peace to achieved. And it happened. Not just because Bono was involved, but because many people worked together to forge agreements and treaties that moved things in a positive direction. Deep seeded anger and hatred has been replaced with peace and cooperation.

Did I mention it took 30 years?

As we clamour to cut bait in Iraq, we must look at the situation in perspective. It isn't just one single conflict. There is a deep and bitter conflict between ethnic populations. Then there is the Western Culture vs. Muslim Culture issue that is far from resolved. Difficult stuff. Stuff that will require humility from all sides, and a lot of time to sort out.

This certainly doesn't play into the strengths and paradigms of our current administration. And I know this administration doesn't like to listen to study groups, but I think they should have an informal one to look at the journey Northern Ireland has gone through over the past 30 years, because there is a lot for us to glean from that experience. And in addition, perhaps we will have a new generation of visionaries speak up and pray that peaceful resolutions can be sought.

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