Movie Reflection: Blades of Glory

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Anne Lamott respected Maunday Thursday as a Holy Day. She chose not to swear. A good thing, I'd imagine. Respecting Holy Days, and all. Me? Yeah. About that. I chose to spend part of my Good Friday screening Blades of Glory. For shame.

I did laugh a few times. I have a real soft spot for watching other men get hit in the genitals. It's an age-old comedic tactic, though one I fall for every time. So, for the record, I did laugh at most of the racking jokes. It's a bad sign when those are the high points of a major motion picture. It's also a bad sign when you are in a movie theatre with a bunch of middle school boys and many of the jokes are so lame that they float by garnering nary a laugh. Potty humor and sexual humor is typically money in the bag when it comes to adolescent boys, but this movie was so dumb that they didn't even think it was funny.

Part of my not liking Blades has something to do with me being a comedy snob. I just don't enjoy that many comedies. I liked Napoleaon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. I got quite tickled by Blue Streak when I saw it on an airplane once. Joe Dirt had it's moments. Dumb and Dumber is nostalgic for me. Other than that, I just don't get into the so-called "funny" movies. I'll take The Simpsons, The Office, 30 Rock or Wild 'n' Out any day of the week. The Daily Show? Yeah. Sometimes I pee my pants when I watch it.

That'll teach me to not be reverent on Good Friday. Idiot!

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  1. adam paul 3:51 PM
    i thought this movie was dumb.
    meet the robinsons, however, was terrific.

    i think i'll be blogging again soon.
    hopefully. i just dont ahve the motivation.

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