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I totally got to go on a field trip today. Holla!!! It is probably one of the activities of my job that I get the biggest kick out of. First and foremost, because I can be helpful to teachers. Teachers at inner-city schools have a pretty tough time rounding up parent volunteers for things like field trips, so it's a big deal when they find people who have flexibility in their schedules to help them out.

I also love the experience because I get to see kids in their "natural habitat". As much as I get to see their ups and downs when they are a part of Hope Center activities, there is that little extra insight I always gain when I meet them on their turf. You learn about them from their friends, and you get a good idea of how they operate socially.

In addition to all of that serious and professional stuff, I also must admit that it is a lot of fun. By nature, field trips typically involve taking kids out of their normal environments and allowing them to experience something they might not normally experience. Today's trip? A nice little jaunt down to the Missouri Department of Conservation for lessons about watersheds and erosion. As a native tree-hugging Oregonian, I relish opportunities to share the doctrines of conservation and preservation with America's youth.

The fun fact for today? There used to be a breed of beautiful yellow and green parakeet that was indigenous to Missouri. Alas, they are now extinct because they had all been harvested for their beautiful flowers. That's a bummer.

So if you see me walking around today and I have a little skip to my step and a whistle on my lips, it's because I got to go on a field trip today. Now go hug your favorite tree and recycle something.

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