Say It Ain't So, Glide

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I grew up a Portland Trail Blazers fan. My dad and I went to numerous games together, I had the opportunity to attend an NBA Finals game (Bulls vs. Blazers) as well as witness some of the greatest ballers of the 80's and 90's go up against my boys. My walls were covered with pictures of my favorite Blazers and I learned at an early age how to read a box score and follow my team in the newspaper, even though there was a pretty good chance that I had seen or heard the game the night before. When basketball wasn't in season, I'd pour over media guides and relive the glory of seasons past.

Even to this day the Blazers are still my team. I read the Blazers section of the Oregonian everyday online, and I even rock my Blazers gear throughout the Midwest.

Unfortunately, there is one piece of apparel that is going to have to get put away for a while. This brings me deep sadness because it is one of my favorite pieces, but there is no helping it. I am going to have to keep my Clyde Drexler University of Houston throwback jersey on the shelf. Clyde was my favorite player. He was the second best player in the league behind some dude named "Jordan", and was the player that every kid in Oregon wanted to be like. He was good. He played on the original Dream Team. I was always pumped when I had the chance to slap his hand as he ran out of the locker room before the game or at halftime.

Thus, I shed a tear yesterday when I found out that Clyde "The Glide" Drexler is going to be a contestant this season on Dancing With The Stars. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Admittedly, I have never seen an entire episode of Dancing. I usually see the last 60-seconds because it comes on right before Lost, so my DVR picks that final minute up each week. Let's just say I've been none too impressed with what I've seen in those final 60-ticks. Jerry Springer and his band of wash-up celeb types getting jiggy with professional dancers while a glorified lounge singer belts out some nostalgic tune in the back ground. All of this brought to you by the fine people at Slimfast. The only circumstance under which I can see myself watching such a show is if some covert intelligence agency is torturing me in an effort to get me to share my deepest secrets. This show might be the only thing that could get me to budge.

And so Clyde will take part in this farce along with Billy Ray Cyrus, Joey Fatone (of 'N Sync fame), Leeza Gibbons, Apolo Anton Ohno, and a handful of other people whose names you wouldn't know but who you might recognize as "that guy/lady who was on..."

This is not how childhood heroes are supposed to behave. Please let me know when Clyde gets voted off so that I can rock his jersey again. Thanks.

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  1. adam paul 3:50 PM
    my favorite was always sam bowie.

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