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Tonight we had a Valentine's dinner at my work. We have been doing relationship bible studies for the past couple of weeks and this was the culmination. Our students were matched up with adult leaders to go on a pretend date, which sounds kind of creepy as I type it but really it isn' t at all. A local church hosts it and turns their all-purpose room into a restaurant and the kids get to practice what it looks like to be in a functional dating relationship. It's cool.

The quote of the night came from one of our boys as he laughed at a girl struggling to walk in high heels.

Me: Dude, it's not that easy. Have you ever tried to walk in high heels.

Kid (dead serious): Yeah. Sometimes I walk around the house in my mom's.

Ok. Whatever.

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  1. adam paul 2:02 PM
    whatever homes.
    your wife has fooled you into believing the DC are something.
    jt is legit.

    and besides. kelly clarkson is much more than an AI winner...the rest are average at best, but you know how kelly holds a place in my heart. that girl can belt.

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