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"I think we've graduated."

-Stacy referring to the fact that Elli will no longer be taking baths in the sink

Elli has learned all kinds of new tricks lately. Crawling, splashing and the like. She's a stone's throw away from walking, which will be totally crazy. It's as though a gauntlet has been thrown down and we are now being tested to see how long it will be before our child can consistently outwill and outsmart us. The smart money is on about 3 months from now, but I'm hoping to improve my parenting skills to add some time to that figure.
On a more serious note, Elli is going to be dedicated at church at the late service on Jan 21. I'm just so excited that she's going to get saved and have her eternal salvation wrapped up forever.

Just kidding.

Actually, I'm excited to share her story with people in the church who might not have heard it. God's fingerprints and expressions of grace and love are all over that story and it'll be cool to express to people that in spite of all of the times we felt far from God during the process, God was still working and is still working in the life of our little miracle baby.

And for the record, her dedication verse will be Psalm 40.1-3. Yes. There is an obscure Irish band that might have just so happened to sing a song that is pretty much a direct quote of that verse.

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  1. Broken Artist 11:08 PM
    i had to read that thing about ur little girl "getting saved" a couple of times, and by the third i had a strange look on my face. i was relieved to see the next two words. haha. i think i might be back in town for that, that would be cool.

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