Behold the Power of Music

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People always talk about how powerful music is, but the truth of the matter has really hit home as I've seen my daughter respond to it on a regular basis. Of all the things that she comes into contact with on a daily basis, few things elicit a consistent response. Stacy and I get smiles just about anytime we walk into the room. Elli loves her Lamby doll. Elli is obsessed with the bones that our dogs chew on.

It's music that takes over her whole being, though. Whenever she hears it she does one of two dances. The first is a dead-on Stevie Wonder impersonation where she sways her head from side to side. I should get her some sweet shades so that she can fully delve into character.

The other dance move she has mastered can only be described as the baby booty bounce. It involves her holding onto something and then bouncing at the thighs while her face is overcome by a gigantic grin. It happened this morning when we cranked up some tunes and I just cracked up.

But lest you think she only responds to music, you should know that Elli is quite the budding musician herself. Not only do her two favorite toys make music, but she also finds deep joy in helping me play the guitar. Whenever I bust it out she is overcome with joy and proceeds to help me play. Her best technique is to beat on the base of the guitar, but she is also honing her skills as my co-strummer. You could pretty much say that we are in a band together. I just hope we don't get a big head about the whole band thing. The only person I know who is in a real band is named Nick, but he doesn't talk to me anymore and he even got too big to have time for facebook. I know what it's like to have a Nick shaped hole in my heart, and I don't want Elli's and my music career to create Elli and Christian shaped holes other people's hearts. That would be sad. I'm going to rely on all of you to keep us accountable.

Anyway, all of that to say that it's no wonder so many churches experience strife over musical styles. What else in this world has power to make babies react on a regular basis. Music obviously has some seriously transcendent qualities that few other aspects of our lives have. I guess that's why music is such a big part of worship. It can make us feel some really great things and when we sing or play it to God it comes from the deepest recesses of our hearts. That's a pretty cool gift from God.

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