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Sometimes there are very simple things in life that bring us joy. Currently, my list includes:

*Three Very Random Songs on my Ipod. A couple of weeks ago, Stacy let me know that she had $3 on her itunes account that she probably wasn't going to use. She let me have the credits, and I got down to do some shopping. Ever since that blessed day, I have become hooked on the three songs that I downloaded. Last night I played the three songs for Stacy so that she could experience the fruits of her graciousness, and let's just say she was a little less than enthused with my choices. First, I downloaded Popular from the hit Broadway musical Wicked. I'm pretty sure I heard the song when I was on a mission trip with some thespian types, but I'm not really sure where my affinity for the song came from. Next came Mad World by Michael Andrews (from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, if you're interested). Not only was it on a CSI episode, but it was also on this sweet-action videogame commercial. I didn't buy the videogame, but I certainly snagged the song. Finally came (drumroll please) the U2 and Greenday duet of The Saints are Coming live from the Superdome. It's a great performance because it's U2, but also because it has a lot of really good horn work. If you ever want to come over and listen to those three songs in a row, let me know. I have them in a playlist.

*Costco Lunches. Yesterday I had lunch at Costco with some of my co-workers. The joyful part is that I got a Polish Sausage with kraut, relish, mustard and fresh onions for $1.50. And that included a soda as well!!! I really felt like I was living the highlife. It did create some issues however, when I also had a chili chaser for dinner. Hehe.

*Arsenal v Chelsea. Since I don't work for a church anymore, my Sundays are a tad more open. I spent some of my open time this Sunday watching one of the best soccer games I've ever seen. It ended in a draw, but it was absolutely splendid viewing. I'm not usually a huge Arsenal fan, but I did root for them that day because Chelsea has been breaking my heart with their slim victories over Barca in the Champions League. There were a few times when I yelled a little too loud and startled the baby(out of excitement mind you..not anger), but other than that we got through the match without incident.

*My Vietnam National Team Soccer Jersey. I feel bad because my mom did some work on the jersey to make it fit. I picked it up in Vietnam when we were there, but had never tried it on until last week. The problem was that the hole for your head to go through was way too small. I have mucho cranium, so some alterations needed to be made. Well, when it was finished I put it on only to find out that there wasn't much space in the jersey through the chest. It was pretty snug. Since I'm currently under my ideal weight and am trying to put on about 10 pounds, I figured I wouldn't be wearing it very often, though I did floss it on Elli's birthday. That being the case, it is now hanging in my office. It looks quite handsome.

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