Christmas Eve Eve

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Nothing like a little down time in PDX to clear space in the schedule for more blogging. Some thoughts on events taking place around the world...

*In about two hours my family is going to a huge Star Wars exhibit at OMSI (the big science museum in Oregon). As a life-long Star Wars junkie, I am very excited. Not just for myself but also for my daughter's glorious introduction into the great events that occurred "long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away." I think that Stacy and my mom are just going so that they can make fun of my nerdiness for a couple of hours.

*Bono has been awarded honorary British Knighthood. Darn straight.

*I added a new blog to the "Blogs I Read" column on the right. In the interest of full-disclosure, you should know that it's written by my brother. Adam Paul is not actually my real brother, but we are both skinny punks and people often mistake us for family. Sometimes they even think we are the same person. Anyway, it's a good read and you would be well-served to peep it.

*One of the KC area news stories I have been following lately is a Council meeting that took place in Wyandotte County on Thursday. I'm ticked. There is an area of The 'Dotte called Village West that has had remarkable economic development over the past few years. The county handed out a bunch of tax breaks and free land in order to land a NASCAR track, a waterpark resort area, some fantastic retail opportunities and many eateries. Village West is now one of the premier shopping and entertainment districts in the region. Congrats to the county for making that happen. Boo to the county for handing out a $45-million dollar tax break to Wal-Mart (that's right...freaking WALMART!!!) so that they will bring a Supercenter and a Sam's Club to this now-profitable area. At this point, any new retailers should be paying out the nose to get out of Village West. The county could then use that money to build up the dilapidated urban core. But instead of making a killing on one of the most valuable pieces of property in the state, my fine county has decided to provide an absurd amount of corperate welfare to a company that needs no favors. I am so ticked. For the first time in my life I am going to write a letter to the editor of the Kansas City Star. I am also going to write to my Council members and tell them that they will not receive my vote in the next election.

*In one night, Stacy and I got hooked on 24. We dug into Season 1 last night, and watched 4 straight episodes. Great stuff. I think it should be called 18 though, because without the commercials it only lasts 18 hours. Talk about false advertising.

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  1. adam paul 9:23 PM
    thanks for the shout out brother.
    i'll return the favor.

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