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Today I went to the hospital to visit one of our students. Also rolling with me on this fine day were two of my coworkers.

One of the running jokes we have around the office is that we are a basketball team. It's not really the funniest joke in the world, but it is applicable because we are all pretty tall. For instance, today I think I was the shortest member of our trio. Plus, I am also long an gangly which adds to the baller aura that I usually carry. I believe that my love for basketball exudes from my pores and thus augments my physical baller persona.

All that being the case, it was pretty funny when three different people asked us if we were a part of a basketball team. The security guard was the first to hit us up with the inquisition, and then we got popped the question on each of our elevator rides. In all three instances we humbly responded that we were not a part of any type of basketball squad. As we were leaving the hospital, we joked that it would be fun to tell people that we did in fact play for some team. Then maybe people would greet us with joy and adulation.

The only problem is that we could not possibly think of a team that we would all play for. If you know of any basketball teams that have an Indian dude, a Black dude and a White lady, please email me. Until then, we'll just tell people we are part of the United Nations team.

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