Worst Christmas Ever

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We didn't have a very good start to the Christmas Season at our house.
Decorating was not a very high priority this weekend. We were out of town for most of it, and when we got back on Saturday we had a baby that was a little burnt out on life. We had talked about doing a little bit of decorating, but the activity fell by the wayside.
On Sunday morning, I decided to salvage a little bit of the Christmas spirit. A couple of weeks ago, two of our friends lovingly gave me a Star Wars Christmas ornament. It happened to be the bronze-bikini-clad Princess Leia ornament that Hallmark released a couple of years ago. If it's Hallmark, then it must be classy. That's what I always say.
Well, Stacy saw me placing the ornament above the television and she did not think that it was appropriate living room decor. I countered with the point that nothing says "Christmas" like Star Wars. On that point we seem to differ. One thing led to another, until Stacy reached out to snatch Leia away to hide her. Well, I would have none of that. I swooped in to rescue her much as Luke did in Episode IV when he freed her from her cell in the Death Star, but Stacy put up a fight. In the midst of the fracas, Leia's sword broke.
There goes my mint condition ornament.
It is on that note that I say "Bah Humbug". Don't even try to cheer me up. It won't work.
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